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Pivot Tables Beginner to Expert

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Power Platform Masterclass

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Excel Logic & Logical Functions

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Project Management: Prince2

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Lookup Functions Indepth

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HR Analytics : Beginner to Expert

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Client Testimonials




I am blessed to have met such wonderful Excel Experts

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Mystery Person
Samuel Macharia
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Highly recommend CrispExcel for their exceptional skills as a versatile Data analyst, Trainers, and PowerApps Maker.

With robust analytical acumen, effective training methodologies, and proficiency in PowerApps development. They bring a unique blend of expertise to drive data-driven solutions and empower teams through insightful training sessions.

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Joseph Joshua
Sr Mining Engineer

After working on a solution with CrispExcel, my colleagues think that I’m clever and wonder how I know these things about Excel.

I learned a lot in the process too.

Thank you so much for your help, I now have a tool that I can share with my teams to find the data they are looking for.

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Vicki Gallagher
Business Analyst at Scottish Government

When it comes to data and report automation, you won’t go wrong with Crispo holding your hand.
He’s a reliable professional and vastly knowledgeable in data analytics and Business Intelligence.

Looking for a trainer/coach in Advanced Excel or BI in Microsoft technologies? I’ll not hesitate to recommend Crispo for your projects!

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William Kiarie
Lead BI Analyst | Advanced Excel Trainer

I have worked with CrispExcel for over 8 years in Learning and Development…they are amazing at their job!

Crispo, as the lead, is a people person, he is patient with teams, he has the qualities of a trainer, and he does whatever it takes to help you and others in the team understand his requirements pertaining to his learning development.

My collaboration with CrispExcel has always been very smooth and his assistance definitely made a huge impact on our success to our company as a learning provider for technology…without a doubt at a service or consultancy level because they know their stuff!

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Joan Chepkemoi
Learning Instructor for CAPM®-PMP®, Coach Trainer

Crispo, a seasoned Excel MVP, brings his wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, transforming what could be a daunting topic into a delightful and engaging learning experience.

His writing & teaching style is clear, concise, and friendly, making complex concepts accessible and enjoyable.

It’s evident that he’s not just an expert but also a passionate educator.

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Muigai Mwaura
Software Engineer @ Google

Before my training with CrispExcel, I was a jackleg in data management and analytics.

Within a few weeks of dedicated coaching with Crispo, my Excel skills tremendously improved. Crispo’s willingness to share knowledge made a whole difference in my work.

I did not become an IT pundit, However, I must say I got my current role courtesy of what I learned from him.

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Hilary Ouna
Procurement Specialist || Marine Engineer
Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission Kenya

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Office365 Optimization

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Website Development

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HR Policies & Procedures

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Apps Development

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Data Cleaning

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HRIS Implementation

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Latest Tutorials

The Pain of Losing Data and a quick way to recover it – Stellar Repair for Excel Review

There are three unforgettable pains; these are pains you feel both psychologically and physically—toothache, childbirth and losing your Excel data. Data loss looms ominously in the fast-paced world of data management and analytics, where Excel is the backbone for...

How to return Multiple Items using DATEDIF

The DATEDIF function is a must-learn function if you want to do date calculations. Generally, it is used to get the difference between two dates. Here is what you need to know to use the function properly: It is not a document, so it will not populate among Excel Date...

When The TRIM Function Doesn’t Work

Invisible characters are a great threat to accurate results when working with texts. Trim functions work well to remove Char(32) [spaces] but not Char(160) [non-break space] characters. The solution to cleaning non-break spaces is using the SUBSTITUTE function....

How to SUM Data Per Week Using Pivot Table

If you love low-code solutions then sum data per week using a pivot table is the way to go. The only trick here is to remember, Pivot tables lack the Week grouping. A way around this issue is to group 7 days together. See the below Video for steps to follow: DOWNLOAD...

How to Lookup Items in a List

Looking up items in a list is easy when we use the COUNTIF function. COUNTIF function returns a count of number of times a criterion appears in a dataset. =COUNTIF(dataset, criterion) For example, in the image below, we are counting if the currencies appear in our...

How to SUMIF Data Ignoring Hidden Rows in Excel

SUMIF Data Ignoring Hidden Rows in Excel is not as simple as other types of summation using criteria. This is because the SUMIF function does not ignore hidden rows. The solution comes from using a combination of SUBTOTAL & OFFSET functions to return only visible...

How to Use SUMIFS Function in Data Validation

Analysts spend between 60% to 80% cleaning data. Here is how to cut that time by using the SUMIFS function in Data Validation. Given the below data, how do you ensure staff is awarded only salaries within their job grade scale? Here are the 4 steps: Select the Salary...

How to Split and Sum Text numbers using FILTERXML

If you do not have Office365, the easiest option you have for splitting text is FILTERXML How do you split and sum below multiple sales? The easiest way to solve this is by using the FILTERXML function FILTERXML function returns specific data from XML text using the...

How To Clean & Split Dirty Data In PowerQuery

Surendra Reddy on Linked posed a challenge on how to Clean & Split Dirty Data as shown below There are many ways of doing this but I find it easy to use below Power Query M code let Source = Excel.CurrentWorkbook(){[Name="Table1"]}[Content], clean =...

How to condition format duplicates for Long Numbers formatted as text

A friend recently asked me, "How do I condition format duplicates for Long Numbers formatted as text?" I thought...that is easy! Just go to condition formatting and select the in-built rule of highlighting duplicate rules. WRONG! Hardly did I know Excel has a 15-digit...

How to Reverse Lookup Numbers and Text In Excel

Reverse lookup of numbers is easier than that of texts. Reverse Lookup Numbers For example, how do you look up the appointment date and time for a patient in the below data? The below video explains the steps Note: ⭐ It is possible to create an array of Date and Time...

How to Return Multiple Columns in VLOOKUP Function

By default, VLOOKUP is set to return a Single column but with a small tweak, it can return multiple columns. =VLOOKUP(G2,B2:E24,{3,4},FALSE) The only trick is to put the multiple columns in curly braces. NB: You can insert the column numbers in any order. For example,...

How to Use Multiple Criteria in a VLOOKUP function

Many users think you cannot use multiple criteria in a VLOOKUP Function, but this is wrong. =VLOOKUP( G2&H2, CHOOSE( {1,2},sales[Name]&sales[Region],sales[Date]) ,2,FALSE) DOWNLOAD WORKSHEET

How to Initialize Multiple Middle Names In Excel

Initializing a single middle name is easy using a simple 3 steps: =LEFT(name,FIND(" ",name)) & IF(COUNTIF(name,"* * *"),MID(name,FIND(" ",name)+1,1)&". ","") & RIGHT(name,LEN(name)-FIND(" ",name,FIND(" ",name)+COUNTIF(name,"* * *"))) Step 1: Get the first...

How To Initialize the First and/or Second Name in Excel

Here are 4 ways to Initialize the First and/or Second Name in Excel This article is inspired Bhavya Gupta Youtube Video. He elegantly solves the issue using LAMBDA function but I will try to solve solve it using normal TEXT functions. Using REPLACE & FIND Function...

HLOOKUP To Return Multiple Items In Excel

Of all lookup functions, HLOOKUP is among the least famous ones. It looks up a value in the first row and returns any corresponding item in another row. Look up value MUST be in the top row of a table. How do you make it return multiple items? It's default setting is...

VLOOKUP To Return The Top N Items

VLOOKUP function is mostly underrated and assumed that it cannot return multiple items. The only trick is to use row numbers as lookup values...VLOOKUP can loop through numbers one at a time and return corresponding values. =VLOOKUP(...

XOR logic in Excel

Unlike the OR function which returns TRUE if only 1 condition is TRUE, the XOR function returns TRUE if the number of TRUE conditions is ODD and FALSE if the number of TRUE Conditions is EVEN. Like the OR Function, at least one of the test conditions must evaluate to...

OR Logic in Excel Formula

When testing for multiple conditions, OR logic is used to determine if ANY condition in the test is TRUE. The only time OR function evaluates to FALSE is if all conditions in a test are false =OR( 2>5, 6>5 ) will evaluate to TRUE though the first logical test...

How VLOOKUP Returns Items Repeated N Times

Among many misconceptions about the VLOOKUP function is that it cannot return items repeated n times. This is not true! For example, Using the data below, can you return the names of the customers who have bought 3 times using VLOOKUP? Here are the steps: Create a...

VLOOKUP Exact Partial Match (Multiple Results)

On Default, VLOOKUP is not case sensitive thus it does not do an Exact match lookup. It is even harder for VLOOKUP to do an exact partial match lookup and return multiple results. This article will show you how to resolve the above difficulties by nesting IF, SMALL,...

How to Use What If Analysis – Goal Seek Feature

This is part 1 of the 4 part series on What if analysis. This blog will cover the Goal Seek feature. What is the Goal Seek feature? Goal seek enables you to see how a change in one value in a model can change the final result. Instead of guessing what impact a value...

101 Ways to Save Time Using Excel Fill Series

If you are not using the excel fill series in your day-to-day tasks you are wasting a lot of time You can quickly enter sequential numbers or numbers following a pattern using the Autofill options. And since excel stores Dates & Times as numbers, these can also be...

5 Functions that Return Multiple Results In a Lookup

Most lookup functions by default return either the 1st or the last match item. How do you return all matching multiple results in a lookup? How do you return all the customers who bought the product below? USING VLOOKUP TO RETURN MULTIPLE RESULTS...

The Difference Between Search and Find Function in Excel

The SEARCH and FIND functions in excel both return the position of a text in a text string. For example, what is the position of the text "Air" in "American Airlines Group"? Both functions return 10 which means the text "Air" starts from the 10th character in the...

How to Conditional Format Date or Time in a Datetime

The first step to conditional formatting a date or time in a DateTime is understanding how Excel stores dates and times. Date is stored as an integer with 1/1/1900 = 1 therefore 9/2/2022 is stored as ► 44806 Time is stored as a fraction of 24 hours therefore 4:30:00...

How to Calculate Income Tax In Pakistan

On Linkedin, after sharing my article on 7 Ways to Calculate Income tax, I got a question on how to calculate income tax in Pakistan. Below are their tax brackets USING SUMPRODUCT Step 1: Summarise the above brackets to a table like below Step 2: Use the below formula...

7 Ways to Calculate PAYE Tax In Excel

Benjamin Franklin once said, "in this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes". There is nothing else as certain as these two, (except Failure), yet there are many who are not prepared for them. The question is, given below Tax calculation...

How to Count Distinct, Unique and Duplicates In Excel

The first step in counting distinct, unique, and Duplicates is knowing the difference between distinct and Unique. ⭐ Distinct refers to a count of items in a list after removing duplicates ⭐ Unique refers to a count of items in a list that appears ONLY ONCE. Distinct...

How to Clean Any Special Character From a String

The ability to clean data is one of the most valuable skills for any data analyst. Below are 3 ways how to clean any special character from a string. Using a Formula...

3 Ways to Count Partial Matches in a String

Recently a friend approached me with the below issue. How do you compare if the applicant has all the 3 required qualifications? Using a formula =IF(SUM(ISNUMBER(SEARCH($G$3:$G$5,C3))+0)=3,"Y","N") How the formula works: SEARCH($G$3:$G$5,C3) checks the required skills...

How to Count Uppercase Lowercase or Numbers in a String

Here are 3 methods you can use to count uppercase lowercase or numbers in a string. Using a Formula =SUM(ISERROR(MID(B3,SEQUENCE(LEN(B3)),1)+0)*EXACT(LOWER(MID(B3,SEQUENCE(LEN(B3)),1)),MID(B3,SEQUENCE(LEN(B3)),1))) =SUM({0;0;0;1;1;1;0;0}*{1;1;1;0;1;1;1;1})... during...

5 Ways To Extract Numbers From a String in Excel

Extracting numbers from a string in excel is a must-have skill in data cleaning. There are different methods of this extraction depending on the position of the numbers. Extracting numbers at the end of a string Scenario 1: There is a separator between text and...

How to List Missing Numbers In a Sequence

Missing numbers in a sequence can lead to wrong results in data analysis, especially if you are using these numbers to keep a count of items. In the last article, we showed How to Highlight Non-Sequential Numbers. This article shows how to list the missing numbers...

How To Prevent Duplicates In Data Entry in Excel

Data validation is very important as it prevents bad data entry and thus saves time in data cleaning. Let us see how to prevent duplicates in data entry. There 4 steps to building a good data validation: Test your validation formula firstSelect the area to apply the...


What is Employee Turnover? Simply put, employee turnover, or employee turnover rate, is the measurement of the number of employees who leave an organization during a specified time period, typically one year. While an...

How to Highlight Non-Sequential Numbers

Sequential numbers can be used as unique identifiers and an easy way to maintain a count. Below is how to highlight non-sequential numbers in excel. Steps: Select the area to apply Conditional formattingGo to Conditional formatting → New rule ► Use a Formula to...

How to Highlight Duplicates in Rows

Duplicates can be a mess in data analysis. Here is an easy way to conditionally highlight duplicates in rows The only trick here is knowing how to COUNTIF function to count data using a criteria


COUNTIFS is a very important function when you want to count items with criteria. By default, COUNTIFS criteria are related using AND logic. For example, the below function will count all "Furniture" Products whose Sales Currency is "KES" i.e the two criteria have to...


Learning how to sum the top or bottom n values in excel requires one to first be familiar with the LARGE & SMALL functions. The LARGE function returns the "nth largest" Value in a list...=LARGE( list, n) The SMALL function returns the "nth smallest" Value in a...


HR analytics is becoming an indispensable tool for organizations to make better decisions.

That’s why every HR professional must have a good level of data literacy to help their organizations reap the benefits of HR analytics.


How To Create a Dynamic Waterfall Chart in Excel

Waterfall charts are used to explain the +ve and -ve components of a change in value between two points. It reveals the contribution per factor affecting the item being analyzed. For example, If you had Budgeted $ 66M but ended up spending $ 72M, you can easily tell...

How to Allow Only UPPERCASE, lowercase Or Proper case Entries in Excel

Accurate data entry saves tonnes of time in data clean up & analysis. Below is how to Allow Only UPPERCASE, lowercase, Or Proper case Entries in Excel. How it Works The EXACT Function compares two text strings and returns TRUE if they are the same else FALSE. This...

How To SUMIF Excluding Weekends & Holidays

Summing data based on weekdays or weekends is easy, but what if you are required to SUMIF Excluding Weekends & Holidays? There are 2 ways of doing this: Using SUM, IF & WORKDAY FUNCTION =SUM(IF ( WORKDAY(tbls[Sales Date]-1,1,Holidays) = tbls[Sales...


Having a dynamic training calendar is a MUST for all HR professionals. How it Works: Type the below formula on the Calendar sheet. =IFERROR( TEXT( INDEX(trainings[[Date From]:[Date From]], MATCH(TRUE,(NOT(ISBLANK(trainings[[Date From]:[Date...


By default, the SUMIFS function is not case-sensitive. To make it case-sensitive and do an exact match, follow the below steps: SUMIFS COMPLETE EXACT MATCH Alternative 1: Using a combination of SUM, IF & EXACT We shall start by doing a complete exact match then a...

17 Ways to Use RANDARRAY Function in Excel

Though not a popular dynamic array function, there are many ways to use the RANDARRAY function in Excel. How come the RANDARRAY function did not and does not get as much fuss. Is it important to learn it? Even when the excel experts were asked to vote for their...
hr functions


In our everyday life as Human Resources professionals, we encounter large volumes of data that would normally require us to extract some information from. This article highlights some of the basic excel functions that are aimed at making this process simpler and...
multiple choice

How to Analyse Multiple Choice Survey Data In Excel

Knowing how to Analyse Multiple Choice Survey Data In Excel is a must-have skill since Multiple choice questions are the most popular questions. For example, a Bank has requested it, customers, to rate 3 of its department's services from Very Unsatisfied (-100%) to...


Why all the fuss with FILTER function? Is it the future of Lookup functions?

Here are 18 things you can do with FILTER Function.

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