About John Maina

Trainer, Analyst, and Financial Modeller

John is a Certified Public Accountant, a Software Engineer, a Certified Xero Advisor, a Microsoft Office Excel Expert, and a VBA Programmer.

He has over 6 years of experience in Financial Modeling, Data Management & Analytics.

He is also a passionate Microsoft Excel Instructor having trained corporates and various individuals in Advanced Microsoft Excel and Analytics.

John is keen on driving business transformation through Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Business Analytics.

He is an excellent communicator with strong creative solving resolution skills and the ability for making complex concepts easily understandable.

Latest Techniques

One of John’s Hobbies is keeping trends with the latest technologies.

Also finding intersections between technologies.

This hobby has made John be an expert also on Google Docs and other related Google Apps products


To keep up with his busy and creative life.

John engages in Volleyball, Adventure travel, Community Service, and Playing Chess.

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