In a nutshell, we only have 5 goals;

⭐ Teach you how to master Excel

⭐ Teach you how to automate your work using Office365

⭐ Show you better ways to manage your HR.

⭐Show you better data management & analytics methods


What We Can Do For You

Data Management, Analytics & Reporting Training

Are you or your employees drowning in the sea of data illiteracy?

Do you spend too much unnecessary time doing manual monotonous boring tasks?

Do you need Excel, Acess, SSRS, Powerapps & PowerAutomate training and integration?

We would love to come to assist.



Are you getting a return on investment for your HRIS?

Are you having a problem attracting, developing, and retaining talented staff?

We have the experience to assist you set up a HR department from scratch.

Having comprehensive HR policies & procedures is key to running an organization.

Let us help you better manage your HR!


Basic, Intermediate & Advanced Excel Training

Many Excel users lack a solid foundation in their knowledge.

Many struggles to automate simple tasks or understand spreadsheets from their colleagues.

Many still use Outdated functions like VLOOKUP.

We pride ourselves in giving all our training a solid foundation & skills to advance their knowledge even at an individual level.

We would love to help 😊

automate business PROCESSES using the Office 365

Did you know Office365 has over 25 productivity apps?

Apps to help you automate tasks, organize your life, work & collaborate remotely.

Are you spending millions of dollars buying off-shelf applications while you could be building them yourself?

We can help you map your business process using Office365

What We are Known For 

Personalized Training

Money-Back Return Solutions

24/7 Customer Follow Up & Support

Our Certification

We believe in continuous improvement–both for us as trainers and our students too!

If you are interested in achieving any of these certifications, reach out.

We will gladly help😍

Microsoft Forms
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Procurement Specialist || Marine Engineer

I met Crispo when I was a jackleg in data management and analytics.

Within a few weeks of dedicated coaching, my set of skills had tremendously improved, his willingness to share knowledge made a whole difference in my work.

I did not become an IT pundit, However, I must say I got my current role courtesy of what I learned from him.

John Ndung'u

Manager, Warehouse & Logistics Operations at Tristar Global Logistics – Somalia

 A well-rounded trainer in Advanced Excel with a very positive attitude towards empowering staff in solving daily technical database management for efficient service delivery.

Crispo, I really appreciate the MS Excel training you offered years ago and this has enabled me efficiently manage the tough humanitarian and military logistics role I am currently involved in.

Keep on providing technical and tangible solutions in your profession and you will always reap big rewards.

Tools Of Trade

In the Book of Five Rings, a 17th Century Japanese general advised his warriors, “Never have a favorite Weapon”.

Never fall in love with your tools of trade!

Over the years we have managed to acquire a number of tools of trade.

Sadly, against Miyamoto Musashi advice, we have fallen in love with some of them 🙈

Here are our favorites!



Microsoft Forms



Power Apps

Power Automate

Power BI




SSRS icon


Latest News

How to Sort Data from Right to Left

Excel sorts data from top to bottom by default, but there is an easy way to sort it from right to left. For example, how do you alphabetically sort the below sets of meals from right to left? Here are the steps to follow: Select all the data, including the column...

Jun 28, 2024

When The TRIM Function Doesn’t Work

Invisible characters are a great threat to accurate results when working with texts. Trim functions work well to remove Char(32) [spaces] but not Char(160) [non-break space] characters. The solution to cleaning non-break spaces is using the SUBSTITUTE function....

Jun 2, 2023

How to Lookup Items in a List

Looking up items in a list is easy when we use the COUNTIF function. COUNTIF function returns a count of number of times a criterion appears in a dataset. =COUNTIF(dataset, criterion) For example, in the image below, we are counting if the currencies appear in our...

May 12, 2023
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