About Joan (The Short)

Joan is a Human Resources professional who loves numbers and analytics. She currently lives and works in Diani.

She can be described as being an introvert but she has a social side.   I think a social introvert is the word!😊

When she is not working, she might be watching movies, reading a book, or just sitting at the beach watching the waves😎

She is passionate about going to the gym and physical fitness but is partial to a cheeky sweet snack when offered 😉

The Loooong…

Hey there! My name is Joan Tonui, but my friends call me JT.

I’m an HR enthusiast who loves working with data.  I’m here to help you significantly make use of all the HR information and data that is out there for our consumption.

I am a certified HR Metrics and Data Analyst (CHRMA), a Certified Human Resources Professional-Kenya (CHRP-K) and a Microsoft Office Specialist(MOS). I am a practising member of the Institute of Human Resources Management-Kenya (IHRM), a certified member of the Global Academy of Finance and Management (GAFM), and a fellow of the American Academy of Project Management (AAPM). 

My temperament type is Phlegmatic – Melancholic and personality-wise, I am an advocate(INFJ). I believe in treating people as if they were what they ought to be and helping them to become what they are capable of being. That said,  I’m very driven, results-oriented, and extremely detailed, I push to have things done correctly and according to standards – Safe to say I can be a little bit pushy

The other half of my personality is introverted. I love rainy days cuddled up in a blanket taking tea and reading a book. I love alone time. I wouldn’t say I like small talk – I either have deep conversations or none. I open up to people I feel safe around.

Welcome onboard- glad that you are here❤

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Dream destination...


I went to Uni in...

“Juja Boys” AKA JKUAT😅

Last outdoor activity I did...

Hiking up Vuria Hills (FYI- It’s the highest point in coast region 😎)
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Currently living in.....

Diani, Kenya
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Best Read So Far...

Ten Types of Human by Dexter Dias

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My greatest phobia....

Crawling insects, and dogs 😱

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Born and brought up in....

Beautiful Kericho
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My biggest pet peeve is....

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One thing on my Bucketlist...

SkyDiving 🪂🪂
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My favourite author is...

Malcolm Gladwell
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The food I dislike most....

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The sport I would watch on TV....

Professional Cycling
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Favourite fruit is...

Water Melon
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Favorite chocolate flavour...

Rum & Raisin
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Favorite genre of movies....

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