The first step to conditional formatting a date or time in a DateTime is understanding how Excel stores dates and times.

Date is stored as an integer with 1/1/1900 = 1 therefore 9/2/2022 is stored as ► 44806

Time is stored as a fraction of 24 hours therefore 4:30:00 PM is stored as ► 0.6875 which is (16.5/24)

A DateTime is stored as a summation of both date + time 9/2/2022 4:30:00 PM is stored as ► 44806.6875

How do you highlight the staff who left early in the below data?

=MOD(Staff[@[Clocked Out]],1)<$E$2

The only trick here is to know that the MOD function with 1 as the divisor will always return the decimal part. And Since Excel stores time as a fraction of 24, it will always return the time part.

= MOD(44806.6875, 1) =0.6875

PS: For effective Conditional formatting, always test your formulas first on the worksheet as shown in the video.

How do you highlight the staff who left early on 4/2/2019 ONLY in the below data?


The only trick here is to realize that excel stores time as an integer, therefore to extract date using the INT function

= INT(44806.6875) =44806 ► 9/2/2022


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